Hello, I'm Yvette

I have a fire for life!  I’m Cuban. It’s just in my blood.

My passions fuel me to produce fabulous events that families cherish for a lifetime.  I love to travel.  I love design, flowers, the celebrations of life and great food to go along with them!  A huge collection of cookbooks and food magazines lends a hand whenever I’m in the kitchen.

I love my home and treasure the time I get to spend with family.  Their hard work and love has encouraged me  through thick and thin and helped me fight a triumphant battle against ovarian cancer.  I take pride in my strength and bring that to every celebration I craft.  No detail is left untouched.  

I love love.  My relationships with my clients and my family are what make me tick.  I simply adore my husband, Glenn, and feel so blessed that God gave me such a generous man to spend the rest of my life with.   With this fervor for living, I’d say I’m a passionate person.  My passion fuels everything I do and is the core of my event planning.

I’ve hop scotched across the country, from Florida to Wyoming and back again, cultivating strong experience to help create a brilliant day for you and your fiancé.   I look  forward to learning more about what excites you and can’t wait to help bring  your big day vision to life!

Yvette Price