Stephanie & Travon Clearwater Beach, Fl Engagement Session by Reign 7 Photography

April 4

All images provided courtesy of Reign 7 Photography

This spectacular couple is very special to me.  Stephanie is my youngest sister…aka the baby and super SPOILED brat of all us girls!  Well maybe brat is a stretch because she sure has grown up so much in the last 2 years or so.  Travon and Stephanie met while she was on vacation visiting one of her very best girlfriends in Mississippi a few years back…The rest as they say is history!  They fell in love, had a baby and got married.  So you are probably wondering why in the world would they have an engagement session {maybe you are not really wondering} but if you are anything like me then you are definitely wondering what the heck?

I am ashamed to report that my first reaction to all of this was SHOCK…and then I got pretty angry!  I thought if you were planning on getting married…why didn’t you avoid having a baby before the wedding!  So many thoughts raced through my mind.  I had such plans for Stephanie and Travon’s wedding and life, having a baby before marriage was not one of them, nor was it what I envisioned for my lil sister.  I am telling you this because last year my life was changed forever by various people, more on that later.  Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the talented and spirited Elizabeth Messina.  She and I had a a little time to chat over a casual dinner get together in Las Vegas at engage!12.  What she may not realize or maybe she does, I am not certain but her words changed my heart completely.

Elizabeth’s words to me as I remember  “Everyone has a love story, their own and very personal love story”.  Who are we to come along and JUDGE them about what is right, wrong , perfect or otherwise?  We don’t have that right!   Life is not picture perfect Yvette!  You should embrace Stephanie and Travon’s love story because I can see how much you love them..and Baby Aidan {their son}  you love them so much you want to protect them with all your being however that is not possible.   Let them tell their own story and let them make mistakes along the way…they will make mistakes but that is all part of the plan!  They have to grow with each other and continue their journey in life and especially marriage.  Let them CELEBRATE their love, let them shout it from a mountain top and stop worrying about who will judge them or you.  WHO CARES!


With grateful tears and an open heart all is here on my blog for the world to see and share in Stephanie and Travon’s beautiful love story.  I could not be prouder of you both and I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle with our wonderful father September 28th, 2013.  I love you all so much!  TOO THE MOON AND BACK EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Lil girl you keep telling your story and living your life the way you feel good about…NO ONE but the DIVINE himself can judge us!

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  1. Stephanie Nicholson says:

    Ur not just my sister but my bestfriend and I luv u with all my heart and soul. That really touched me and made me cry. Luv u sissy

  2. Lesley Geers says:

    Yvette – you amaze me. Your complete honesty and openness is so refreshing!!! You have a wonderful family and we are so blessed to be a small part in capturing the memories!!!

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