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Stephanie & Travon Clearwater Beach, Fl Engagement Session by Reign 7 Photography

April 4

All images provided courtesy of Reign 7 Photography

This spectacular couple is very special to me.  Stephanie is my youngest sister…aka the baby and super SPOILED brat of all us girls!  Well maybe brat is a stretch because she sure has grown up so much in the last 2 years or so.  Travon and Stephanie met while she was on vacation visiting one of her very best girlfriends in Mississippi a few years back…The rest as they say is history!  They fell in love, had a baby and got married.  So you are probably wondering why in the world would they have an engagement session {maybe you are not really wondering} but if you are anything like me then you are definitely wondering what the heck?

I am ashamed to report that my first reaction to all of this was SHOCK…and then I got pretty angry!  I thought if you were planning on getting married…why didn’t you avoid having a baby before the wedding!  So many thoughts raced through my mind.  I had such plans for Stephanie and Travon’s wedding and life, having a baby before marriage was not one of them, nor was it what I envisioned for my lil sister.  I am telling you this because last year my life was changed forever by various people, more on that later.  Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the talented and spirited Elizabeth Messina.  She and I had a a little time to chat over a casual dinner get together in Las Vegas at engage!12.  What she may not realize or maybe she does, I am not certain but her words changed my heart completely.

Elizabeth’s words to me as I remember  “Everyone has a love story, their own and very personal love story”.  Who are we to come along and JUDGE them about what is right, wrong , perfect or otherwise?  We don’t have that right!   Life is not picture perfect Yvette!  You should embrace Stephanie and Travon’s love story because I can see how much you love them..and Baby Aidan {their son}  you love them so much you want to protect them with all your being however that is not possible.   Let them tell their own story and let them make mistakes along the way…they will make mistakes but that is all part of the plan!  They have to grow with each other and continue their journey in life and especially marriage.  Let them CELEBRATE their love, let them shout it from a mountain top and stop worrying about who will judge them or you.  WHO CARES!


With grateful tears and an open heart all is here on my blog for the world to see and share in Stephanie and Travon’s beautiful love story.  I could not be prouder of you both and I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle with our wonderful father September 28th, 2013.  I love you all so much!  TOO THE MOON AND BACK EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Lil girl you keep telling your story and living your life the way you feel good about…NO ONE but the DIVINE himself can judge us!

Historic Banyan Street Wedding Ceremony Boca Grande, Florida

November 2

Happy Friday Friends!

This sweet wedding took place on Boca Grande, Florida’s Historic Banyan Street.  I have been holding on to these gorgeous images due to my recent feature on “the ultimate wedding blog” Style Me Pretty, which by the way, I am super thrilled about!  {Life is Really Good}

Kilee {the bride} came to me with her vision and lots of inspirational photos of exactly what she wanted Banyan Street to look like on her wedding day. She described it as enchanting and magical. We spent many months collaborating alongside the talented team at concept bait. to bring forth her concept and I think we got it really right. Kilee insisted on a crystal chandelier {she was not giving that up for anything} thank goodness because as as it turns out, it was
the Pièce de résistance.

Historic Banyan Street Boca Grande, Florida

Comment via Style Me Pretty from Frank Clemente & Lynn McGhee of Concept Bait: What a beautiful pictorial of such an amazing day! Thank you to Yvette Price and her team for bringing us in to help in the design and production of this truly magical experience. To the fabulous editors at Style Me Pretty, thank you for seeing in this wedding exactly what we saw immediately from our first meeting with Yvette and Kilee. We saw pure romance in the most organic and natural of settings – Historic Banyon Street! Kilee and Tim, thank you both for your intoxicatingly warm and genuine personalities… We all here at CONCEPTBAIT feel so much more appreciation for nature and the grander of it all because of your vision.

Banyan Street Boca Grande, Florida Destination Wedding Ceremony

Banyan Street Boca Grande, Florida Destination Wedding

Photo courtesy:

Historic Banyan Street Boca Grande, Florida
The Pelican Room at the Gasparilla Inn & Club {A Groom’s best friend}

October 21

The Pelican Room at the Gasparilla Inn & Club shares a rich and interesting history.

“A special room, the Pelican Room, was built in about 1932 for use by the longstanding Pelican Club members. Their trophies were displayed and club members could share fishing stories and yarns, smoke cigars, shoot billiards or engage in conversation and perhaps, at the end of Prohibition, enjoy a cocktail. The hotel would have no public cocktail lounge until after World War II.”

Pelican Room at The Gasparilla Inn & Club Boca Grande, Florida

Pelican Room at The Gasparilla Inn & Club Boca Grande, Florida

The Pelican Room at the Gasparilla Inn & Club

A couple of Groomsmen enjoying a relaxing game of pool

Happy and relaxed Groom

A very pleased and content groom sharing in the pre-wedding festivities with his groomsmen.

Grooms gift from his bride

This Handkerchief was given to the groom before his walk down the aisle from his gorgeous bride Kilee.

Pelican Room, Groom, wedding gift

The room is surrounded by rich dark wood panels, period chandeliers, fun historical collectibles, pool table, & large screen TV.

Groomsmen enjoying a relaxed and fun atmosphere in the Pelican Room
Groom getting ready

It’s easy to see why this historical spot is such an allure to so many grooms.  It’s the perfect venue to enjoy a relaxed, comfortable, fun yet opulent environment with your friends.If you are a groom, groomsmen, family friend and or wedding guest, that has had a wonderful experience in the magnificent Pelican room at the beautiful Gasparilla Inn & ClubI would love to hear your story and or thoughts.

Please come back tomorrow morning and check out my featured post at

See you on the next post friends!

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progress my friends ~ PROGRESS!

July 20

Glenn and I are headed out of town tomorrow to visit our family in New Orleans for a few days (HELLO Cafe du Monde  & Hot Powdered  Sugary Messy  Fresh out of the fryer Beignets)  but before heading out I wanted to share a small accomplishment  with all of you.   I recently acquired Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard from my husband as a birthday present.  He knew I’d been wanting it for some time now.  I imagined it to be just another software product that I could download and start pounding out tons of creative ideas, graphics and other fun things.   Oh my I was so wrong!  My experience to date has been pretty frustrating only because I want everything done yesterday.   I had to force myself to understand that this will not be the case with my friend, Adobe CS 5.5.  I will not learn overnight, it will take me some time, patience and LOTS of practice.  I did however manage to put together the above graphic/image? with a little help from in designyou tube and

A super BIG HUG and THANK YOU to Amber Housley whom I met this past June at engage!12 for turning me onto

Till next time friends, have a great weekend!




Concept Bait + Yvette Price Events = Vendor Love!

June 14

It has been about a week since I got back from Vegas where I attended my third engage!12 (more on that later)

I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the remarkable talents of the lovely team over at

Suzan Gough and I began working on this charming Banyan Street wedding ceremony probably over one year ago.
I had my ideas, and she had her ideas and then of course our sweet, sweet Bride Kilee Moenning had her own thoughts and inspiration.
While we went back and forth quite a bit during the process and I could imagine what Banyan Street would look like, Suzan and her team
went above and beyond my expectations and those of the bride and her family.  Lynn McGhee, Frank Clemente and Suzan you guys rocked out this vision with ease and without a hitch.  You made it look so easy to just throw together all the elements of this gorgeous wedding ceremony yet I know
how hard you all worked to make it come together.  I can’t be more grateful to all of you for making my experience with you all so wonderful.
I will make sure all my future clients know what your entire team is made of.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
You guys ROCK!

The image above is from my camera personally and are not professionally edited.  I will be certain to give credit to all the photographers that shot the lovely images once I get them in my hot little hands.  Looking forward to sharing all the lovelies with you soon.

One more thing please forgive me but I never claimed to be an expert blogger nor writer…I have recently learned that you just have to take a risk and put things out there for everyone to take in.  I know, I know but sometimes it is easier said than done.Well here it goes!  I hope you all enjoy my post. Till next time my friends.  Take care.

Let’s see what the universe gives back!

The Knot Florida Wedding Magazine Feature Spring/Summer 2012

February 17

Have you seen the newest issue of the The Knot Florida? Well, if you haven’t, please make certain you acquire a copy. This chic publication is overflowing with charming wedding inspiration, style and grace. The Gasparilla Inn & Club in Boca Grande, Florida was the ideal setting for my clients, Erin & Ben’s stunning wedding.  Nothing delights me more than sharing this sweet couple and all the lovely elements that made their union so extraordinary with all my colleagues, friends and clients. A very special thank you to Rhonda Haberkamp at for her guidance and to the talented Tony & Lesley Geers at  for their gorgeous images.

the knot Florida

Happy New Year!

December 31

Happy New Year

Wintry Wonderland + Warmth = Brilliance

December 5

I am loving every element of these photos!

Blending rustic textures with simple natural elements, can enhance Old Warm Charm to a lush wintry landscape!

Plaid brings warmth, joviality and tradition to the escort cards; while the hot chocolate + mini donuts will appeal to all your guests not to mention keep them warm!

DIY Idea: Save your table numbers and recycle them to use as Christmas ornaments for each year you are married!

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Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!

November 29

You make me happy in every way; I wake up each morning hoping to give you the same happiness.

I Glenn, take you Yvette as my friend and love, beside me and apart, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking that you be no other than yourself, loving all that you are and continuing on our long life of happiness.

This December 2nd, marks our 5th wedding anniversary; I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years.  It doesn’t seem possible but yet here we are.  Our journey has been one of love, light, laughs, unforseen circumstances and some sorrows nonetheless we continue on our path together with the help of God’s gracious greatness.

With a HUGE SMILE I look forward to what is ahead and pray that we take each day to revive our kindness, respect and adoration for each other.  Glenn, I love you so much!  More than ever…I am certain that God always has a plan B.

Happy Anniversary my sweet love, friend and confidant!

5th Anniversary Tradition: The strength of your marriage bond is represented by the traditional gift of wood for your 5th anniversary. Wood is strong and long-lasting.

Introducing Kilee & Tim! Family Farm Engagement Session

September 29

Back in 2003, after his freshman year in college, Tim was asked by his friend and fraternity brother Todd to join him for dinner with a group of 11 young ladies which Todd had gone to high school with. Not wanting to be the only man in the group, Todd invited Tim, and Tim eagerly accepted. Tim however had no idea that he was heading to a dinner that would eventually alter his future path.  It was when he was seated next to Kilee, that he met her for the first time. Kilee, a recent high school graduate, heading to her freshman year at the University of Indiana, while Tim was entering his second year of college at Miami of Ohio.

People say “Timing is everything” for this delightful couple this could not be truer!  Since their reunion in 2007, Kilee and Tim remain devoted to each other, their families and friends.

In March 2011 with the help of Kilee’s immediate family, Tim flew down to Boca Grande, Florida for a very special proposal.  During that same weekend the couple decided Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island would be the perfect backdrop for their romantic shabby chic destination wedding.

Throughout the last four years, the couple has enjoyed countless ventures in diverse places, yet Colorado seems to be among the couple’s favorite.   Many new voyages await Kilee and Tim this upcoming year, as their chosen event planner, I am over the moon thrilled and blessed to be part of such a meaningful celebration.

♥ Yvette

Engagement Session Photography:
Location: Bride's Family Farm